Your Opening Trick (Search Engines)

SEO Basics Search Engine Optimization is your key to success on the Internet.

Content Marketing Your site needs search engines if it is to survive, and search engines need content from you.

Local SEO The Internet is a global marketplace, and for most magicians that can be a bit daunting. Do you really want to book a gig in Singapore? The good news is that Google now supports SEO on a more local level.

Semi-Local SEO You probably need to create a happy medium between a too-big global reach and a too-small local reach. The secret is to dominate in several local markets.

SEO Linking Basics The search engines consider every link to your website a vote and will rank your site accordingly. But not every link is a valid vote and not every vote counts the same amount.

What NOT to Do Instead of knowing what to chase it’s frequently more important to know what to avoid.