Your Business Cards

my business cardJust about everybody has one. Your desk has probably is littered with little piles of them. I’d be willing to bet money that right now you have a few of your own in your wallet or purse. In the past year you’ve probably handed out and received literally hundreds of these tiny leaflets – an ongoing marketing effort that we don’t often think of as marketing.

A business card is an integral part of any good marketing plan. For its size and cost, it’s probably the most powerful part. Of course, you can’t expect your business card to tell the whole story about you. What you should expect it to do is present a professional image people will remember. A business card can make or break a client’s first impression. In fact, this little card makes as much of an impression as your personal appearance.

There are countless references on the Internet discussing how best to design your business card. I have my opinions on the matter, sure, but I’m not going to bore you with them here. Designing business cards really isn’t my area of expertise.

There are also tons of web pages willing to advise you on how best to disseminate your cards once they’ve been designed. Here’s one I particularly like from Entrepreneur. And, yea, I have some ideas of my own but, again, it really isn’t my area of expertise.

What I WOULD like to share is the very simple idea of putting your website address on your business card.


You’d be absolutely amazed at how many business cards I get from fellow magicians who fail to include either their website URL or their email address on their business cards. Apparently, they think a phone number is all they need. Prospective clients, however, aren’t always ready to call and ask questions on the phone. Yet those same prospective clients will frequently type your website URL into their browser to just take a quick peek at what you have to offer.

Put your website address on your business cards! In fact, put it on every single piece of paper you have printed.

Don’t Limit Yourself

How many different business cards do you pass out to people?

If you have limited yourself to just one business card design you’ve really been missing a great opportunity. Your business card, just like your web site and everything else you use for marketing, should be focused like a laser. Your marketing materials, after all, are supposed to solve a problem or answer a need for one particular person. You don’t want to hand anyone a shotgun blast of solutions.

If you want to be hired for kid’s parties you should have one card that addresses nothing but the children’s market. If you’re looking for restaurant gigs your business card for that should talk about restaurants and nothing but restaurants. If you want to work fairs and festivals your card should only talk about fairs and festivals.

Business cards are dirt cheap. Don’t try to skimp by putting everything you do (or want to do) all on the same business card. Focus your message. Like a laser.

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