excited-familyA video camera and tripod should always be packed right between your sponge balls and Forgetful Freddie. Every gig, large and small, should be taped whenever possible. You need good videos for your website.

And when the client starts gushing at the end of your show about just how great you were? Move her over in front of the still running camera. That’s gold!

But here’s where we go a step or two beyond.

During your show, every time you bring someone else into the camera’s frame, especially if it’s the client or their child, you’ve created a perfect marketing opportunity.

“Give me your email address,” I always say after the show, “And I’ll send you a video of little Johnny helping out with that trick.”

You just got someone’s contact information to add to your email list. Better, the video you’re going to send them, either through email if its small or on a DVD if it’s more than a few minutes, is going to have your website address, email address, and phone number streaming across the bottom of every frame. For less than a buck, you just put the ultimate marketing material into someone’s hands.

People love to watch themselves or their kids on video. And they love to show it to their friends and family, too. If you don’t average at least one referral out of every video clip you send out I’ll be surprised.

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