Your Closer (Real World Marketing)

While I’m heavily biased toward on-line marketing, I’m not so foolish as to forget the important of off-line, real world marketing, too. It’s been working pretty well for several thousand years, after all, and there’s certainly no reason to dismiss it now.

There have been countless books written about off-line marketing, of course, by far smarter men than me, and I have no intention of trying (in vain) to duplicate that material here. What I would like to talk about in this section, however, is how your off-line efforts can help bolster your on-line efforts.

Your Business Cards Your business card should be a doorway page to your website.

Invoicing the Client Do you always give your client an invoice? While people will frequently throw away business cards and flyers, most will file an invoice away for at least a year or two.

Referrals Word of Mouth is still the best marketing in the world. You can, however, greatly increase the reach of WoM with your website.

Videos Videos are important marketing tools for everyone on the Internet, but that’s especially true for entertainers.