Your Middle Tricks (Usability 101)

What is Usability? Unless you design websites for a living, you’ve probably never heard about the kid on the block, Usability. He’s all the buzz, though, and for very good reasons.

Usability Checklist This checklist is the bare minimum you need to make your website successful.

Visual Design Principles What you say is always important, but frequently HOW you say it can be just as important.

The Mobile Web The Internet is changing rapidly and if your website doesn’t work on a smartphone today you’ve already lost half of your gigs to your competitors. It really is just as simple as that.

Required pages No, the Internet police won’t come banging on your door if you miss one of these, but there are nonetheless a few web pages you absolutely must include on your web site if you want to succeed in booking a lot of gigs. We talk about what those pages are and why you need them.