Act I

Your Opening Trick

In Act 1, Your Opening Trick sets the tone for everything else that is to follow. The decisions you make here are decisions you will have to live with for a very long time.

Choosing a Domain name In this section we discuss what a domain is and why it is so important to your on-line business. Like one of those coins we all make disappear from time to time, there are two sides to this issue and setting your criteria for a good domain name isn’t necessarily going to be a walk in the park.

What is a CMS? CMS stands for Content Management System. In this section we talk about why you need one and make some recommendations on which to use.

Finding a web host Finding a web host is a bit like finding a husband or wife. It’s almost as important and, unfortunately, it can be almost as expensive to switch if things don’t work out. In this section we talk about what you should look for, and what you can expect to find.

Your Middle Tricks (Usability 101)

What is Usability? Unless you design websites for a living, you’ve probably never heard about the kid on the block, Usability. He’s all the buzz, though, and for very good reasons.

Usability Checklist This checklist is the bare minimum you need to make your website successful.

Visual Design Principles What you say is always important, but frequently HOW you say it can be just as important.

The Mobile Web The Internet is changing rapidly and if your website doesn’t work on a smartphone today you’ve already lost half of your gigs to your competitors. It really is just as simple as that.

Required pages No, the Internet police won’t come banging on your door if you miss one of these, but there are nonetheless a few web pages you absolutely must include on your web site if you want to succeed in booking a lot of gigs. We talk about what those pages are and why you need them.

Your Closer (Getting ready to open the doors)

Google Analytics In the world of marketing, if you can’t measure it then it simply doesn’t exist. GA is the tool you need to measure just about everything on your website.

Google’s Webmaster Tools Historically, there’s been something of an adversarial relationship between webmasters and the search engines. In recent years, however, the search engines have realized the necessity of working with the people who supply all their content. GWT is an outstretched hand you need to take.

Email Lists People who have already expressed an interest in what you have to offer (and that includes previous clients) are absolutely pure gold. Keeping in touch with them has to be a priority.